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Er Moore Choir robes

E.R. Moore Choir Robes

Attractive Discounts Available!

  • Traditional, Contemporary, or Liturgical
  • For adults, youth, or children
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Wide choice of machine washable fabrics and colors
  • Personal Service
  • Custom Design
  • FREE Choir Robe and Accessory Sample Service
Any robe style can be made in any fabric/color. The quality features of Murphy® are unequaled by robes of any other manufacturer. You might purchase a more expensive robe or a cheaper robe, but you cannot purchase a better robe than robes by Murphy®. If price is your primary concern, we are very competitive; however, if quality is your primary concern, then Murphy® is your obvious choice.

Custom Design and Personal Service set us apart from other choir robe manufacturers. We want to help you custom design a look that's right for your choir, your worship style, and your budget. Your choices for styles include traditional robe & collar or stole outfit, traditional robe without a stole, contemporary, economy, cassock & surplice, and alb. choices, with no charge and no obligation.

Our desire is to provide the best possible personalized service to enhance your choir's effectiveness. Your choir's appearance makes an impact on your congregation or audience. When your choir looks sharp, they think, act, and sing better!

When selecting new robes, among the primary concerns for most choirs are cost and comfort. There are several variables which determine the cost of choir robes, particularly the different fabrics. Machine-washable and durable light-weight fabrics are available, including several new "micro-fiber" fabrics in a wide assortment of popular colors.

Each order is made for the measurements of your choir members and usually takes six to eight weeks for production.

Advent Harmony Choir - Beautiful Robes - on
Advent Harmony Choir - Beautiful Robes - on www ...
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Womens Clergy Robes | Female Clerical Wear | Ladies ...
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Robert Wadsworth Lowry - Chorus of Fire
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