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How to make a Choir robes?

Academic suggests two methods of measuring a gown, and these measurement instructions will cover both methods.

Method One: Fast-Track Measuring (preferred for Choir Robes)

First, Determine the robe size. Start by using this chart:

XXS Shoulder of 14 to 14 3/4 inches. Dress Size 1 or 2. Weight to 100 lbs.
XS Shoulder of 15 to 15 3/4 inches. Dress Size 3 to 8. Weight to 115 lbs.
Small Shoulder of 16 to 17 inches. Dress Size 10 to 14. Weight to 170 lbs.
Medium Shoulder of 17 to 18 inches. Dress Size 16 to 18. Suit size 36 to 40.
Large Shoulder of 19 to 20 inches. Dress Size 20 or 22. Suit 42 to 48
X-Large Shoulders of 21 inches and above. Weight over 220 lbs. Suit size 50 to 52.
XX-Large Beyond previous description for X-Large.

After that, we find that weight can play a role if someone tends to be under or over "normal" weight for their height. If you have a question, please call and ask what size you should enter, or include an approximate weight notation on your order form so we can make a determination here in the office.

Next, determine the length of the robe, based on your height (with your normal singing shoes on), and how far above the floor you want the robe to hang (9 inches or 6 inches).

If you need to measure, your tape measure should be placed on a wall with the zero at the floor and the 60 at the top, and then taped in place. The person being measured should stand with their back to the tape measure. You can see the actual robe length by looking at the number at the base of the neck, and then 9 inches (or 6 inches for the optional longer robes) are deducted to account for where the robe will end. When done, you should get about the same results as what you find on the chart below (which is why we suggest you just use the chart).

Use this chart to obtain a general answer without the need for measuring.

Height Standard 9" from Floor Method (Inches) Optional 6" from Floor Method (Inches)
4'8" / 4'9" 40 inches 43 inches
4'10"/4'11" 42 inches 45 inches
5'0 / 5'1" 44 inches 47 inches
5'2" / 5'3" 46 inches 49 inches
5'4" / 5'5" 48 inches 51 inches
5'6" / 5'7" 50inches 53 inches
5'8" / 5'9" 52inches 55 inches
5'10" / 5'11" 54 inches 57 inches
6'0" / 6'1" 56 inches 59 inches
6'2" / 6'3" 58 inches 61 inches
6'4" / 6'5" 60 inches 63 inches
6'6" / 6'7" 62 inches 65 inches

To size your robe pick a robe size as well as a length. For example, M/52 is a Medium size robe for either a man suit size 36 - 40 or a woman dress size 16 - 18 and a height of 5'8" or 5'9".

Children's Choir Robes are measured differently. Kids require three measurements: 1) Tip of shoulder to tip of shoulder, 2) Tip of shoulder to end of arm (wrist); 3) Nape of neck to floor. If a child is particularly under or over a relatively normal weight range, please let us know so we can make adjustments for best comfort.

How to Measure: Choir Robes
How to Measure: Choir Robes
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