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Choir gowns UK

  • Lightweight black coat-style gown over a long (ankle length) black skirt and black sleeveless top with wide straps and a modest (not low) neck line.
  • Upper undergarments that may be visible should also be black.
  • Closed toe, smart black shoes; black tights.
  • Discrete jewellery may be worn.

The choir gowns will be available to lady members, on a ‘long-term hire’ basis, for a one-off fee of £15. Gowns will remain the property of the Choir. Occasionally, the Choir may require ladies who are not singing in a performance to allow their gown to be worn by a new member who has not yet been fitted for a gown. In the event of a member ceasing to sing with the Choir, gowns must be returned to the Choir Secretary.

A helpful reasonably priced suggestion for ladies looking for long black skirts is to check out the skirts being sold by New Look or Marisota.


Christmas and Spring Concerts: Black Dinner Suit with white long sleeve shirt and black bow tie. Smart black shoes and black socks
Other concerts: Dark suit, white shirt and choir tie. Smart black shoes and black socks.

All: stage etiquette

  • Folders are carried on and off stage closed, with the choir logo to the outside, facing the audience.
  • When singing, folders are held in the left hand, with the right used to balance the folder and turn music only.
  • Folders should remain closed when sitting and not singing. No music should be shuffled during this time.
  • At the start of a new piece, music should be opened for each piece at the place where your part will start singing.
  • Music should remain open until the accompaniment has finished.
  • Music should also remain open between pieces if more than one is being sung at a time.
  • Please give soloists due attention during their performances
  • Each row of singers should stand together as one row, to process on stage as a group, when the row leader stands.
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