Jackson Mass Choir

Paradigm is pleased to present the 1st-18th National Music Ministry Conference Mass Choir Concerts along with the three Mass Choir Concerts Favorites—all produced and directed by Lanny Wolfe. The 400-500-voice NMMC choirs were comprised of students from the Jackson College of Ministries, Jackson, MS plus annual seminar participants from all over the country. Many of the soloists heard on these “live” projects, though students at the time of the recordings, have become major songwriters and artists in the gospel and church music marketplace, outstanding ministers of music, worship leaders, pastors and ministers of the gospel, along with world-changing leaders at national levels of various church organizations.

Singing with divine anointing, both choirs and soloists, along with superbly talented musicians, have combined efforts to produce choral projects that are timeless and as fresh today as when they were recorded. If you have been privileged to attend any of these live concerts, these CD’s will allow you to relive some wonderful moments; if these projects are new to you, you are in for a treat! Enjoy!

NMMC Mass Choir Favorites Vol I (2 CD Set) (#80102)


Disc One:
1) Once Upon A Cross (Soloists: DaRon Maughon, Richey Glass)
2) More Than Just A Man (Soloists: Marietta Wolfe, Bruce Howell)
3) When He Was On The Cross, I Was On His Mind (Soloist, Dan Dean)
4) Make Me An Instrument (Soloist, Sue Horne)
5) No, I’m Not Perfect (Soloist, Betty Hall)
6) I’ll Make It Home Someday (Soloist, Janice LaCount)
7) Statue Of Liberty (Soloists: Jeannie Coffey, Dave Petersen)

Disc Two:
1. How Excellent Is Thy Name (Soloists: Joseph Bales, Vicki Yohe
2. No One Like Jesus (Soloist, Lanna-Marie Wolfe)
3. Children Of Azusa Street (Soloist, Nancy Alford)
4. He Will Carry You (Soloists: Darrell Johns, Evan Miller)
5. He’ll Be There (Soloist, Marietta Wolfe)
6. The Greatest Gift (Soloists: Fred Arrowood, Geron Davis, Mark Carouthers)
7. It’ll Be Alright In The Morning (Soloist, Tim Pedigo)

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28th Jackson Mass Choir Highest Praise Video UPCI)
28th Jackson Mass Choir Highest Praise Video UPCI)
Jackson Mass Choir Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is Video
Jackson Mass Choir Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is Video ...
Jackson Mass Choir Through The Fire Video Produced By
Jackson Mass Choir Through The Fire Video Produced By ...
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