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Sweet Rain was a Pennsylvania label, originally based from P.O. Box 797, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, then P.O. Box 15614, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later relocating to Highland & Heather Rd, Balacynwyd, Pennsylvania by release 117. Many of the releases were produced by A.J. Ford, Jr who co-owned the label along with Lionel Darty. The label was distributed by A.I.R. Records from Atlanta, Georgia until the mid 1990's, it was then distributed by Spectra. A big thank you to Robert Lee for his addition to the Sweet Rain discography, with 7 new additions, i have placed an asterix * next to Robert's additions; when i have the catalogue numbers for these releases i will place the asterix at the end of the entry.

101-: Carolyn Jennings Holland- Jesus Is Special To Me, 1981
102-: Barbara Ward Farmer and the Wagner Alumni Choir- Self Titled, 1981
103-: Rev Hubert Powell & The Gospel Truth- Self Titled
104-: The Savettes Featuring Rev. Goldwire McLendon- Self Titled, 1983
105-: Barbara Ward Farmer And The Wagner Alumni Choir- Refuge For My Soul, 1984
106-: Evangelist Barbara Ward Farmer and The Wagner Alumni Choir- Bread Of Heaven/Fill Me Lord (12' single)
107-: Polk County Mass Choir- God Is Great And Good (1984) *
109-: Highway National Mass Choir- Secret Closet
110-: John Dawkins And Dawkins New Sound- Search Me
111-: Redeemed Assembly Of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) present Combined Voices of Redeemed Live- Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So, 1985
112-: Bishop Robert Evans And The Voices Of Christ- Christ Is Coming Back
113-: The Brockington Ensemble- Jesus I Love You
114-: The Institutional Radio Choir of Brooklyn, N.Y.- Behold, 1987
115-: Rev. Ernest Davis Jr And The Wilmington, Chester Mass Choir - Victory Shall Be Mine (1988) *
117-: Southeast Inspirational Choir- Inspire Me
118-: New Jerusalem Mass Choir Church Of God In Christ, Twin Oaks, PA- You'll Never Be The Same Again
119-: Hezekiah Walker and The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir- I'll Make It, 1987
120-: Bibleway National Mass Choir of Washington D.C.- What's It All For (The LP has this listed as Michael Rodgers & Bibleway National Mass Choir)
121-: Institutional Radio Choir.- Reunion (Double LP), 1988
122-: The New John Howard Gospel Caravan of Atlantic City, N.J.- I Want To Be Holy
123-: Philadelphia Mass Choir of G.M.W.A - Never Gonna Give Up, 1989 *
124-: Southeast Inspirational Choir- "You're Not Alone Or On Your Own" He Cares, 1991
125-: Hezekiah Walker and The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir- Oh Lord We Praise You, 1991
126-: Rev Cleveland's Kids GMWA National Youth Mass Choir- Win The World For Christ
127-: Rev. Bruce Parham - The Answer (1991) *
128-: Greg Hoover & C.A.C.C. (Charlotte Area Community Choir) - Sweet Holy Spirit (1992) *
129-: Pastor Hezekiah Walker- Best Of Hezzie, 1992
130-: The Bronx Mass Choir- We've Come To Praise Him, 1992
131-: Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Mass Choir- I Never Shall Forget, 1992
also listed as GMWA Youth Mass Choir - He Has Done So Much For Me (1992) *

MD5000-: Amos Davis & The Angelic Choraleers- He's Coming Soon, 1988
5000-: Abundant Harvest Choir- Work While It's Day, 1994

Catalogue numbers unknown:

Dobbins High School Mass Choir (198?) *

"Praise Him" (1989) Kim Burrell & GMWA Youth Mass Choir
"Praise Him" (1989) Kim Burrell & GMWA Youth Mass Choir
GMWA Youth Mass Choir - Praise Him
GMWA Youth Mass Choir - Praise Him
"Win The World For Christ" (1989) GMWA Youth Mass Choir
"Win The World For Christ" (1989) GMWA Youth Mass Choir
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